Yealink Video Conferencing in Abudhabi

When it comes to enhancing internal communication and boosting business productivity, Yealink video conferencing in Abudhab is the perfect solution. Utilizing the latest IP communication technology, this new system is easy to use and supports H.264 and USB phone call recording. Plus, it is compatible with computers, tablets, smartphones, and network environments. With its flexible configuration, this new video conferencing system is suitable for any business size.
The latest yealink video conferencing abudhabi systems are equipped with many great features, including content sharing, dual monitors, and H.323 and SIP support. This makes it a versatile solution that works well with any kind of communication environment. And, if you are in the UAE, you can take advantage of the Yealink video conferencing in AbudhabI to meet the needs of your business.
The Yealink VC120-12X multi-point video conferencing system is easy to use and has advanced features to help small businesses reduce their IT staff's workload. This device supports ultra-HD voice pickup and 360-degree audio pickup, which helps you avoid problems with noise and echo. The VC120-12X is an affordable option for medium-sized meeting rooms, and has a free USB recording for every call. 
VC120 is an 8-line, 720-P resolution video conferencing system that supports 1080P/60FPS video. It also offers HD stream and intelligent firewall program traversal. Additionally, this system is built to work with many devices, including mobile devices. Another great feature is its unified communication interface, which enables users to communicate with each other without any problems. If you are in Abudhabi, the VC200 offers a simple way to integrate multiple devices.
The yealink abudhabi video conferencing system is a highly compact model, with 8-line audio. It also includes a built-in Wi-Fi module for easy setup. Its 5-inch touchscreen is easy to use and can be used to control the PTZ camera and adjust the volume. And the CP960 has a user-friendly software. The VC120-12X is also designed to be flexible and can support 1080 P individual or material-shared conferencing service.
With VC400, the Yealink VC400 is an all-in-one, intelligent USB meeting device that supports full-HD double-stream video. Its 20MP camera supports AI technologies, including sound localization, face detection, and remote management. A VC400 video conferencing system can be managed from any location, including an iPhone. And with its H.264/HEVC video codec, you'll get a high-quality audio video experience.
With the VC110, you don't have to worry about the sound quality as it supports HD video and audio. Its four times digital zoom and face detection capabilities make it an ideal choice for high-end conference calls. It also comes with a CP90 wireless microphone to expand microphone coverage and ensure clear, high-quality audio. For a better audio and video conferencing experience, a VC120 is the perfect choice. Find out more details in relation to this topic here:
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